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Message from CEO


Bring new value to everyone around the world as a Major Map Company

The humankind has evolved by migration since around five million years ago. For humans to live and develop a culture, location information and maps have always been essential. Centuries ago when countries set out to other unknown lands, people kept track of their location with a compass to discover new lands, creating maps and exploring places to live.

Today, the technology to create maps has changed from paper to digital, but the way people use maps has long remained unchanged. However, GeoTechnologies is taking on the challenge of creating completely new value by combining the maps with new data and technologies.

We create AD/ADAS/high-definition maps for autonomous and safe and secure driving of course, but we also combine maps with M2E (move to earn) apps, people flow data, timeline, and spatial data, to create future projections that predict people's behavior more accurately.

The other new domain is metaverse.
The emergence of metaverse today is about to bring a wide range of potential.

The use of location information, maps, and NFT, will be the last frontier of the digital world.
As a Major Map Company, we will continue to bring new value to people in Japan and around the world in real and virtual worlds.

August 2022President & CEO Hiroshige Sugihara