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Corporate Policy


Fulfill The Earth with Pleasure

We tackle environmental and social challenges with the power of technology for all living things, for a sustainable society, and the joy of people.


the Future

We are striving to become the best metaverse company at predicting the future through technological innovation that captures every phenomenon on earth and free thinking that transcends establishted ideas.



Love Our Customers

We deal with customers sincerely. We think from a customer perspective and make every effort to increase customer satisfaction.

Deep Dive

We focus on details. We continue to explore things and delve into their essence.

Think Big

We do not follow convention. We create new values, markets, and rules.

Retain and Develop the Good Guys

We value good guys. We make full use of individual talents and provide opportunities for growth.

Animal Spirits

We take on challenges without fear of failure. We never surrender even in the face of a challenge and create innovative values with ambition.

Integrity and Compliance

We ensure compliance with rules and laws and act with honesty and integrity. And we build a trusting relationship with society.

Agile Execution

We aim to act more agilely than anyone else. We respond to ever-changing business conditions and produce results speedily.

Sense of Ownership and Team Play

We have an awareness of being part of a team. We fulfill our roles proactively and with conviction.


We make utmost efforts in our jobs. We always value serious approaches even if they are not skillful or outstanding.

Gratefulness and Thanks

We appreciate the earth, families, customers, and everything. We work for peace and progress.

An ESG Metaverse Company with Geo-Prediction

Our passion in the company name GeoTechnologies

The name GeoTechnologies reflects the ambition to fuse earth (GEO) with advanced technologies and create a "Geo-Prediction" world.
We utilize big data that we have accumulated and cutting-edge technologies to make it possible to predict various phenomena that occur on earth, thereby contributing to solving various global issues, such as an aging society with fewer children, decarbonaization, and natural disasters.