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ESG Efforts

Fulfill The Earth
with Pleasure
An ESG Metaverse Company
with Geo-Prediction
Fulfill The Earth
with Pleasure
An ESG Metaverse Company
with Geo-Prediction

Guided by the mission “Fulfill The Earth with Pleasure,” GeoTechnologies, Inc. strives to boost our corporate value by thinking about what we can do for the well-being of the earth, society, and people, continuing to make efforts through Deep Dives, and growing in a sustainable manner together with the earth (Geo).
We earnestly think about what to do to please the earth. Pleasing the earth results in a pleasant environment, leading to the pleasure of people.
We utilize big data that we have accumulated and cutting-edge technologies to make it possible to predict various phenomena that occur on earth (Predicition), thereby contributing to solving various global issues.

GeoTechnologies’ ESG activities

Environmental Initiatives

We strive to take action to solve environmental problems, which are essential for the world to continue its sustainable development.

through Technology

Contributing to solving environmental problems through the big data accumulated since our founding and our technology

through Business

Supporting forest conservation activities through “TRIMA”

Reducing the
Environmental Impacts
of Business Activities

Monitoring carbon emissions and promoting energy conservation

Related SDGs

Social Initiatives

In order to realize a more prosperous society, we are also engaged in promotion of diversity, social issues such as regional revitalization and aging society with fewer children, as well as social contribution activities.

Promotion of Diversity

We strive to realize a workplace where all employees respect each other and continue to grow with job satisfaction.

Social Contribution

We contribute to solving social issues through our business activities and technology.

Related SDGs

Diversity Policy

GeoTechnologies Group believes that the source of its competitiveness human resources.
We aim to create a lies in its workplace where all employees of diverse backgrounds, including nationality, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, and creed, can continue to grow and develop in a mutually respectful and fulfilling workplace.

Understanding and Respecting Individuals We are aware of, acknowledge and mutually respect each employee's differences. We also understand unconscious bias and improve the quality of communication.
Rewarding Workplace GeoTechnologies Group fosters a culture of mutual trust and appreciation among all employees and management. We strive to create a work environment in which every individual can demonstrate their full abilities.
Providing Fair Support We strive to provide fair support by understanding employees' diverse work styles and lifestyles, taking into account LGBTQ and physical characteristics.
Equitable Growth Opportunity We strive to provide fair opportunities for all employees act autonomously while respecting their own lifestyles and ways of working and for employees and the organization to grow by taking on challenges together.

Governance Initiatives

For the sustainable development of the company and society, we have established a “self-management system for sound management” and actively disseminate information outside.


Effectiveness evaluation of the Board of Directors, Compliance education

Enhanced Security

Cyber security response, Security education

Strengthening Risk

Risk monitoring, BCP formulation, Risk education

Related SDGs