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ESG Efforts

An ESG Metaverse Company
with Geo-Prediction

We strive to boost our corporate value by thinking about what we can do for the well-being of earth, society, and people, continuing to make efforts through Deep Dives, and growing in a sustainable manner together with earth (Geo).
We earnestly think about what to do to please earth. Pleasing earth results in a pleasant environment, leading to the pleasure of people.
We strive to create a predictable society as an ESG company.


We promote actions to achieve carbon neutrality.

- "TRIMA tree planting" activity

- Development of maps produced in a carbon neutral fashion

- Certification of zero-emission activities


We are also engaged in activities for society and people.

- Increase the percentage of female employees

- Increase the percentage of male employees that take childcare leave

- Diversify human resources


We enhance management transparency and fairness, and establish sound corporate governance.

- Evaluation of the effectiveness of the board of directors

- Compliance training

- Risk management monitoring, risk training

- BCP formulation and monitoring