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Announcement of New President and CEO

INCREMENT P CORPORATION now announces that Takahito AIKI has become President and CEO as of November 1, 2019. Also, in conjunction with the above appointment, Takumi JINGUJI has become Senior Advisor.

We will strive to improve and devote ourselves to pursuing major changes such as MaaS and CASE as they are new growth opportunities. We always strive for meeting your expectations.

Brief Personal History of New President and CEO
Name Takahito AIKI
Date of Birth January 30, 1972
Work Experience August 1999
Entered Bain & Company Japan Incorporated.
November 2007
Entered Rakuten, Inc.
February 2013
Managing Executive Officer of Rakuten, Inc.
April 2016
Digital Contents Company President and Rakuten Europe CEO of Rakuten, Inc.
April 2017
Executive Vice President of Kamakura Shinsho, Ltd.
(September 2017 President and CEO)
October 2019
Director, Managing Executive Officer, and Mobility Service Company CEO of Pioneer Corporation