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Acquisition and Use of Location Data


GeoTechnologies aims to promote the following contributions to society by acquiring and utilizing location-based data.

●Map maintenance : By utilizing location data, daily road opening information and spot opening/closing information can be collected as information collection to Geotechnologies' map data to provide the latest map data. ●Disaster response : Location data can be used to assess damage and evacuation routes in the event of a disaster. It can also help distribute relief supplies and provide appropriate support in disaster-stricken areas. ●Public transportation : By utilizing location data, the operation status of public transportation can be monitored. This can provide information on congestion and delays, enabling efficient operation. ●Sales promotions : By utilizing location data, stores and facilities can deliver promotions that are best suited to their customers. Local governments can also use the data to promote local tourism, thereby revitalizing the local economy. ●Health management : By utilizing location data, information useful for health management can be provided. For example, information such as distance exercised and number of steps taken can be collected to promote healthy living.

As a participating company in LBMA Japan, GeoTechnologies acquires and utilizes data in accordance with the "Guidelines for Utilization of Device Location Data" established by the organization.When providing location data to third parties, GeoTechnologies prohibits the use of such data for purposes that identify individuals.

Location Data, etc

GeoTechnologies collects the following data, including location data, based on the user's consent. We do not collect any location data from users who have not given their consent.

Location data Location data (latitude, longitude, time, accuracy, altitude, speed, direction, etc.) obtainable through smart devices
Living Area Area information estimated to be residence and place of work
Survey attributes Attribute information obtained from surveys (gender, age, occupation, number of family members, type of residence, personal income, interests, etc.)
Device information Device model information, device OS version information, etc.
ADID A mobile advertising identifier generated on the device side to identify a unique smart device; IDFA (IDentifier For Advertising) for iOS and AAID (Google Advertising ID) for Android.


GeoTechnologies obtains location data only from users who have consented to the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. The consent includes the entity acquiring the data, type of data acquired, purpose of use, provision to third parties, and contact information for inquiries.The following is the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for the smartphone application "Trima" operated by GeoTechnologies.

Anonymous Processing

When utilizing collected location data, GeoTechnologies protects the security of privacy by processing it confidentially to reduce the possibility of personal identification.

Anonymous processing Example ●Location data estimated to be around the user's residence is deleted. ●Consecutive location data of users are anonymized by thinning out the data. ●Location data of a small sample is deleted. ●Statistical processing of location data into rectangular mesh or road units. ●Hash identifiers, etc.

Anonymized Personal Information

How to Stop

Users who wish to stop providing location data to GeoTechnologies can do so by following the procedure below.

*The operating procedure may vary depending on each OS and version.