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Car navigation

High quality car navigation software based on production of map data and contents and software development

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Fleets(commercial vehicles)

Map contents with a focus on logistics

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Virtual test drive(Simulator for vehicle development)

Map contents to support vehicle development

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Connected services

Interconnecting cars, drivers and services

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Shared services

Initiatives to achieve free travel

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ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System)

Supports safe driving to eradicate traffic accidents and bring comfortable driving

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MaaS(Mobility as a Service)

Connecting people, objects, and events, to bring a pleasant mobility society

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AD(automatic/autonomous driving)

Initiatives toward a society of automatic driverless driving

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EV(Electric Vehicle)

Toward the EV era

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People flow data

High-density real-life behavior data

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Location AI Platform®

Cloud service on people flow that is easy for anyone to use

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Use location data to reach your target.

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TRIMA Research

Japan-first! Research service based on location information

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Effortless DX for logistics

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MapFan API

Map API service for Web systems

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MapFan SDK For Windows

Map development kit for Windows

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Address-checking service

Address cleansing and Geocoding

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For printing/photocopying maps

Easy map printing

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Map display data

Making enriched expressions possible in maps

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Road Data

Adopted in a wide variety of services

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Address data

Covering block/house numbers across Japan

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Point of Interest data

Serves all kinds of purposes

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Guidance data

Realizing smoother route guidance

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Overseas map database(HERE Maps)

Map and location data for over 200 countries and regions worldwide

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Rurubu DATA

Japan's tourism information content "Rurubu DATA"

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One of the largest map sites in Japan with over three million members

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Just travel to save points

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Map-updating software sales

Update the map to refresh your car navigation system!

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NFT Collection

Japan-first! NFT with location information

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Everyone's life connected by just walking

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