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INCREMENT P to start collaboration with Nissan for the new Location Service Collaboration between Point App “TRI-MA” and Sharing Service “e-Share Mobi”

INCREMENT P CORPORATION has agreed with Nissan to collaborate towards creating new location service which enables to make a comfortable recommendation to users with understanding user’s behavior, and today started the collaboration campaign.

As a first phase of the collaboration, the parties conduct the collaboration campaign between INCREMENT P’s Point App ”TRI-MA”, which allows users to earn mileage as the user only moves, and Nissan’s Car Sharing Service “NISSAN e-Share Mobi”. Through the collaboration, INCREMENT P provides Nissan the data such as people flow, with tagging onto location data that INCREMENT P owns, and Nissan conducts PoC of state-of-the-art location service “Travel Trigger”, with understanding user’s lifestyle through the data.


INCREMENT P has collected people flow data, user segment data to enable high precision and near-real-time map creation and maintenance, has been aiming to generate new services enriching user behaviors and experiences by the Location Intelligence derived from such data.
Nissan, at the same time, has been conducting development of “Travel Trigger” which triggers new-style travel experience with recommending destination that matches user’s preference.
As the vison and direction of the parties matches, INCREMENT P and Nissan agreed to collaborate together to accelerate each activities.

INCREMENT P and Nissan will further collaborate together, accelerate together to deliver cutting-edge location services to provide personalized UX (User Experience) for diversified user expectation.

Point App “TRI-MA”(

Users can earn mileage per distance, steps, and the mileage can be exchanged to variety of points such as Amazon Gift Points. Perfect match for business person, students who travels frequently for such as commute, but also popular to female users who works in home, and exceeded 200,000 DL three and half months after β version launch.

“NISSAN e-Share Mobi”(

The car sharing service only with Nissan EV and e-POWER, which provides comfort and fan driving experience only enabled by EV through Electrified technology, and also Intelligent technologies such as ADAS and Auto Parking. Your Driver’s License can be used as ID Card, unique package available for each fifteen minutes term, no additional fee by distance.

“Travel Trigger”

The connected service under development by Nissan, to propose personalized travel plan to users on smartphone app understanding their behavior and preference, for users to find new and unexperienced travel plan.

About “Travel Trigger”