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Revitalizing regional areas by combining maps and NFTs Entered a capital and business alliance with TECOTEC Inc. to enhance Web 3.0 technologies

As a major map company leading Japan’s map industry, GeoTechnologies is pleased to announce that it has entered a capital and business alliance with TECOTEC Inc. (headquartered in the Minato District of Tokyo, Representative Director Hiroshi Tsurisaki; hereinafter “TECOTEC”), a company working on creating state-of-the-art technologies to serve as social infrastructure for the increasingly digital society, to enhance our NFT and blockchain technologies.

Left: TECOTEC Inc. Representative Director Hiroshi Tsurisaki  Right: President & CEO Hiroshige Sugihara

Background leading up to the capital and business alliance
Emergence of the metaverse

As a major map company, GeoTechnologies has been striving to create new value by combining people flow data and state-of-the-art technologies. One of our initiatives is the use of NFTs containing location information in the metaverse.

The “metaverse” has become a hot topice recently, but it is still exists sealed inside virtual space, with its mainstream being limited to games and pseudo-experiences in virtual reality. However, we believe it will bring about the kind of synergy that will fundamentally solve various social problems when it connects to and becomes one with the real world, allowing travel between virtual and real worlds, instead of just staying in virtual space. The key to connect the real and metaverse worlds is the location information we have.

Movement creates value

Today, thanks to the Internet being widely accessible, shopping is just a matter of placing an order and having it delivered to your home. Work can also be done remotely, but this is because things and information are moving in our place. Movement is a continuous change in location. Movement is involved in every facet of our lives, and some value will arise from this. For instance, our M2E app TRIMA is already used by 10 million people, enabling us to turn people’s movement logs into big data, and combining this data with maps will help improve social issues and predict the near future. It is indeed a tool that turns movement into value. And where value is born, a payment system is needed.

Digital payments can be made in the real world, in the metaverse, or by connecting both. It also makes payment processing much easier. But in the future, payment may not involve just money, especially in the metaverse. One possible means of payment is through assets that have been converted into NFTs. For instance, the TRIMA app mentioned earlier gives users miles for the distance they travelled, which users can exchange for cash, points, and product vouchers. It is also possible to change this system so that payments can be made with NFT assets.

NFT asset NFTs help regional areas: Regional revitalization project

We, GeoTechnologies, launched map icon NFTs in July 2022, which integrate location information with NFTs. Right now, NFT assets are still considered to be something of a hobby for a limited circle of people but originally, the concept is to enable anyone to own digital content with value which can be passed on to future generations. For instance, let’s say there is some area you want to support. It is not easy to own the area in the real world, but it is possible with NFTs that contain location information.

We believe that NFTs with location information can connect the real world with the metaverse and create movement with value. Wherever value changes hands, a payment occurs, and this moves the economy forward. We can then reroute part of that moving economy to the area we want to support, to be used in ways such as protecting the area’s tangible and intangible cultural properties, or to support the regional economy.

Entered a capital and business alliance with TECOTEC Inc. to enhance Web 3.0 technologies

Initiatives for regional revitalization: Capital and business alliance with TECOTEC to enhance NFT/blockchain technologies

TECOTEC is extensively experienced in providing services to support the launch of NFT businesses and in operations of using digital currencies, and owns relevant legal and other peripheral knowledge as well as know-how that is practically useful in this field. The company also has a strong consulting capability with its specialist engineers.

Through this strategic capital and business alliance agreement with TECOTEC, GeoTechnologies will utilize our combined assets to further enhance maps and NFT technologies, which will accelerate our initiatives for regional revitalization.

“Move to Earn (M2E)” app TRIMA that allows users to earn miles by simply moving

Having officially launched in October 2020 under the M2E (Move to Earn) concept which enables users to earn rewards by walking, running and moving, TRIMA is the best M2E app for people who travel a lot daily for school, commuting or work, as it grants users miles not just by the number of steps walked but by the distance traveled. The earned miles can be converted into cash, Amazon gift vouchers and T points. It has also contributed to people’s health promotion during the COVID pandemic, as some people “are consciously walking more after starting to use the app.”


About TECOTEC Inc.

With the mission to “contribute to society through wisdom and creation,” TECOTEC has been working on bringing technologies that will serve as social infrastructures in the increasing digital society, actively working in industries with high demands. Capitalizing on its experience and wisdom of developing computer technologies and services, it is aiming to become a leading technology company that creates service infrastructures of the future, from traditional finance products such as stocks and investment funds, to new business domains such as Web 3.0 revolving around crypto assets and other drivers.

Head office 3-3-5 Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Representative Director Hiroshi Tsurisaki
Established December 2007
Business Development, maintenance and operation of stock trading control systems, development, maintenance and operation of blockchain systems, and more
About GeoTechnologies, Inc. (formerly known as Increment P Corporation)

In 1994, we started a digital map business for car navigation systems and since then we have been leading the Japanese map industry as a Major Map Company, by providing map data and location information solutions for car navigation systems and business customers as well as TRIMA and MapFan branded map services for individual and business customers.
In recent years, we have also been offering high-definition maps that are required for realizing advanced self-driving cars.

We, GeoTechnologies, make the most of our proprietary mapping technologies and know-how to speedily collect, extract, and update a plethora of changes made to the real world so that we can provide up-to-date, high-definition, and high-quality maps.
We also combine diverse and a large amount of big data, including location information and people traffic, and other various data related to the Earth (Geo) with state-of-the-art technologies in order to create a “Geo-Prediction” world.
Through these efforts, we, as a leading metaverse company, contribute to solving various social issues related to the Earth.

Headquarters' location: Bunkyo Green Court Center Office, 2-28-8 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Hiroshige Sugihara, President & CEO
Founded: May 1, 1994
Business domains: Automotive business (Development and edit of navigation data formats, Provision of navigation applications, Verification and evaluation through actual driving and desk check, Sales of map update software for car navigation, Maintenance and development of contents for business (rent-a-car, truck, etc.), Development, maintenance, and edit of high-definition maps for AD/ADAS)
GIS business (Map application development kit, Digital map database, Map API for web and business systems, Map web portal "MapFan", Car navigation linkage application "MapFanAssist")
Application business (M2E application "TRIMA", "TRIMA Coupon", "TRIMA Research", Address check service and address geocoding service, Analytics service of flow of people data, NFT marketplace, Web3.0 Blockchain, Application for logistics)