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Supports safe driving to eradicate traffic accidents and bring comfortable driving

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

Offers wide-ranging uses from alerting drivers to automatic Level 2.x driving

The content improves effectiveness of ADAS, said to be needed to eradicate traffic accidents which are, though declining recently, still many.
On top of conventional data for car navigation, it provides overspeed warnings from cockpits and IVI systems, regulation data needed to alert drivers of traffic rules like stop signs, as well as information about road shape such as road sloping and curvature needed for vehicle control. It is mainly data to alert drivers.
High-definition map data by lane for more advanced vehicle control is also available.

Characteristics of high-definition map data (HDMAP)

This is high-definition map data generated from high-definition 3D points measured by precision survey vehicles. It reproduces road structure and implemented objects accurately, tying them to network data for each lane.
By using this data users will be able to improve the accuracy of measuring the location of their cars, and understand road conditions ahead that cannot be captured by LiDAR, radars and sensors such as cameras.
The data can be provided in an integrated global automotive format through OneMap Alliance with HERE, the largest global map vendor, and Navinfo, a major Chinese map vendor, among others.

Characteristics of speed limit data

Speed limit regulation information can be provided, assuming displaying of alerts on the navigation system screen. Speed limit signs on roads across Japan are obtained from our proprietary survey-driving images, attributing speed limit values to every road link. It also supports Zone 30, the important road safety measure for local communities, to release special alerts.

Characteristics of stop sign data

Stop sign information can be provided, assuming displaying of alerts on the navigation system screen. By alerting drivers of easily overlooked stop signs, it achieves safe and secure driving features.

Characteristics of road shape data (road elevation, slope and curvature)

Road elevation, slope and curvature data can be provided. It assumes calculations of parameters and fuel cost when looking up a route, and alerting drivers when they enter a curve. The data can be repurposed in many ways for various safety and security features.