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High quality car navigation software based on production of
map data and contents and software development

Car navigation

Map software for car navigation continued to be developed since establishment

Since our establishment in 1994, GeoTechnologies has been providing car navigation software. Nurtured by this history, our map data and software for car navigation is well reputed in the market for their quality, boasting high market shares. Going forward, GeoTechnologies will continue to respond to the changing car navigation market and grow as a market-leading software house.

Car navigation software

Since providing Pioneer's car navigation software in 1995, we have always been developing and providing high quality software with the most up-to-date features in the OEM market, as the retail market grew. We have a system of developing software with the freshest information, and are capable of addressing different specifications and needs for each product.
We also provide map-updating software to end users, with our ability to organize a one-stop-shop structure from product development to launch.
Using the know-how we have amassed, we will aim to further develop car navigation software not just by addressing diverse market needs but also by providing new value in the automotive industry in these ever changing times.

Shifting to cockpits

As the interior of cars today is increasingly turning into cockpits, in-vehicle automotive equipment with navigation features allows more flexibility of design, which also brings change to the map contents needed. We are able to provide map contents that can accommodate various in-vehicle infotainment, including 3D contents and vector image contents.

Car navigation assessment solutions

Based on our years of experience in car navigation software development, and the know-how from driving surveys by our group company GLOBAL SURVEY CORP., we provide solutions to assess car navigation software.
In our vehicles and assessment environments, we can perform assessments both on desktop and by actual driving, with quality targets for various car navigation products.