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Map contents with a focus on logistics

Fleets (commercial vehicles)

Data that has been organized and developed to support logistics and delivery businesses

While needs for delivery services are recently rising with the growth of e-commerce markets, the logistics industry is said to be in need of transformation, with drivers getting older and with work-style reform. We have dedicated map contents at hand to support the logistics industry, using our years of know-how in developing map contents for car navigation.

Vehicle type regulation data

We are able to provide special traffic regulation data that takes vehicle size into consideration such as height, width and length, as well as the type of vehicle such as large special vehicles, so that even large vehicles used for transportation such as trucks can appropriately comply with traffic rules. This data assists you to actualize products and services that will ensure safer adherence to traffic rules, by enabling route search that matches their vehicle type best, such as trucks.

Facility information data for truck drivers

Our facility information data includes special information for truck drivers, such as whether facilities allow parking of large vehicles, and have additional facilities for drivers such as baths. These specially developed map contents will bring a society that is more convenient for truck drivers and people working in the logistics industry.

Road elevation data

We have road elevation data obtained by measuring road elevations with special survey vehicles, and by obtaining various data and information about location and combining them uniquely to cover all roads that we have maintained. Based on the road elevation data and current vehicle location data, the road information (sloping) of the road ahead can be calculated to optimize vehicle control, which will bring positive results such as saving fuel.

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