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Initiatives to achieve free travel

Shared services

Contents that can be used for evaluations,
including for where to implement shared service stations and ports

We obtain over one billion pieces of location information a day (*1), obtaining people flow data with a focus on real and seamless user trends (*1).
It includes information about short stays and travel/stays in small areas, which was difficult to do before.
The data can be used for evaluations, such as for where to implement shared stations including car sharing, and shared bike ports, incorporating user trends (people flow trends and their age group).
Users can also use TRIMA Coupon to release information to encourage people to travel, including event information and shared service campaigns.

People flow data, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, covering the whole of Japan

Data is sequential and allows analysis of activity patterns, as user characteristics like age and gender, as well as location information like location, time and speed of travel, are obtained frequently (*1). See more

TRIMA Coupon can approach only targeted users

A push-type customer-attracting service that enables users to distribute digital flyer ads through TRIMA, the M2E (*2) app with one of the largest user bases in Japan.
Ads can be distributed to targeted customers only, by area and other characteristics.
Ads can be used not just for coupons and attracting customers to stores, but to navigate them to websites and promote app downloads, as well as many other formats. See more

*1 Location information data with privacy protection. All data collected and used have been user-approved. Individuals are not identifiable from this information as the information is processed to ensure anonymity. *2 M2E: Move to Earn: a framework to get rewards by simply travelling