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Service & Products

Map contents to support vehicle development

Virtual test drive
(Simulator for vehicle development)

Data provided for use in simulation tools for vehicle development

The data to take in and use real-world map data in simulation tools which will be essential for developing AD/ADAS-supported vehicles, which are set to increase.
Road information (road network data and road elevation data) that is most needed for vehicle-control simulations is provided.
Going forward, we will provide high-definition map data by lane needed for more advanced vehicle control as well.
We can also provide 3D city data that can also be used as landscape data.

Road elevation data

We have road elevation data obtained by measuring road elevations with special survey vehicles, and by obtaining various data and information about location and combining them uniquely to cover all roads that we have maintained.

Indicates elevations of each point on road link across Japan including minor roads

The data covers all roads in Japan from expressways to minor roads.
As it also covers inside tunnels, bridges, overpasses and so forth that could not be covered with digital elevation model (DEM), it is fit for simulations based on slopes and gradients.

3D city data (MAPCUBE)

3D city data with terrains and buildings reconstructed accurately, using surveying data, maps and aerial photos. The map covers major cities including state-designated cities.