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Cloud service on people flow that is easy for anyone to use

Location AI Platform®

Cloud service to enable anyone to visualize and analyze people flow data effortlessly

Location AI Platform® is a cloud service that enable the use of location information data in various fileds, based on Location Engine™, an AI analysis technology X-Locations has developed proprietarily for location information big data.
It enables various analyses, including understanding how people flowed in a certain location one day earlier, where visitors to shops and tourism spots come from, where else do visitors to their own shop visit, and comparing and analyzing one's own shop and competitor shop in certain commercial zones.

Analysis can be performed not by broad grids but at any chosen location by any size (by building or by a wider zone)

The area to look up people flow data can be freely registered on the map. Each building can be chosen on the map, or registered as a polygon of any form, or specified within a radius of any meters, etc. Information in CSV data can be registered as a whole as well, such as list of addresses for more than one building.

Visualizing daily changes in people flow at specific locations

By amassing and analyzing people flow data daily, how people flow can be monitored until one day before. If you register competitor stores, you can compare how people visit stores differently each day, or compare their visits by freely choosing a period to see chronological changes, such as the same month of the previous year and a week before.

AI predicts the likelihood of people revisiting one's store, by the area they live

From people flow data, AI estimates which residential block people come from, and it can predict whether people from that block are likely to revisit, as well as show population distribution and percentage of privately owned properties in the area.