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High-density real-life behavior data

People flow data

Enriched big data provided, combined with various data

We obtain over one billion pieces of location information a day (*). Unlike conventional fragmented data limited to certain hours and travel range, it focuses on real and seamless user trends.
It includes information about short stays and travel/stays in small areas, which was difficult to capture before.

People flow/probes

As mobile GPS data, real-time and high-density continuous people flow data is accumulated (*), and is people flow data with high granularity by hour and space. The data estimates whether people are travelling by car, or on foot, etc., visualizing people's movement on a micro-level including for route analysis in public transport, and for analysis of people's movement in tourism.

Traffic volume and congestion statics

By matching GeoTechnologies' road and pedestrian network data and high-density people flow data, traffic volume and congestion statics by road (average travel time) can be obtained.

Grids of people flow statistics

By statistically processing large amounts of mobile GPS data by 125m grids, population across Japan by hour, and daytime/nighttime population during weekdays and holidays, can be obtained, showing how people flow by age and gender.

Cooperation with geo-targeting advertisements

In cooperation with MICROAD, INC., one of Japan's largest geo-targeting ad serving company, we realize detailed geo-targeting ad serving by multiplying human flow data with attribute data. This enables more detailed area targeting and user-segmented ad delivery without relying on cookies.

* Location information data with privacy protection. All data collected and used have been user-approved. Individuals are not identifiable from this information as the information is processed to ensure anonymity.

Anonymized Personal Information