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Effortless DX for logistics


Provide car navigation and dynamic management systems for trucks in the logistics and delivery industries

Workforce shortage in the logistics industry is a symbol of the 2024 problem. As a dedicated for the logistics industry, we provide a system that combines car navigation and behavior control for trucks to support the DX and efficiency of your distribution work.
All you need to deploy the system is a smartphone and PC. You do not need special equipment. You will also be billed monthly usage charges only, with no initial fees. You do not even need to read the manual, as the system can be used intuitively by drivers and operational administrators, from day 1.

Car navigation for trucks

The car navigation is for trucks and carries dedicated for the logistics industry.
By setting vehicle size such as height, width and weight, the system will show routes and navigate drivers with consideration to traffic rules for large vehicles.
(Smartphone apps, iOS, and Android supported)

Easy behavior control

From GPS locations on smartphones, drivers' location information will be displayed on the map in real time.

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