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Attracting customers starts from local customers!

TRIMA Coupon

Digital flyers to attract local customers for efficient sales promotion measures with little wasted effort

A push-type customer-attracting service that enables users to distribute digital flyer ads through TRIMA, the M2E (*) app with one of the largest user bases in Japan. Ads can be distributed to targeted customers only, by area and other characteristics.
The ads can be used not just for coupons and attracting customers to stores, but to navigate them to websites and promote app downloads, as well as many other formats.

Characteristics of TRIMA Coupon

Little wasted effort

Targeting by various characteristics is possible, including areas of customer activity.
By distributing ads only to targeted customers in a commercial zone, efficient sales promotion with little wasted effort will be possible.

Reasonable fees

Advertisement fees are metered, at 3 yen (3.3 yen including tax) per 1UU (*), starting from 1,000 yen a month (1,100 yen including tax).
Budget control will be easy as the caps for distribution fees can be freely set.
*UU = unique users who tapped the ad

Instant and effortless distributions

Unlike printed ads like flyers, the ad can be instantly released from smartphones and PCs.
Coupons and other ads can be effortlessly created by simply entering images and text, with no special knowledge required.

​Effects of the advertisement will be visible

The ad's PVs and the number of visitors who visited the store after seeing the ad can be presented in graphs.
The effects of the ad can be measured and analyzed to use the results to maximize subsequent ads.

Advantages of TRIMA Coupon

1. Cost-effective sales promotion with little wasted effort 2. Reasonable fees (3 yen per UU (unique user)) 3. Instantly and effortlessly distributed from a management tool (on a smartphone/PC) 4. Effects of the ad will be visible (GPS-based monitoring of store visits)

Case Studies

Physical stores
Includes hair salons/beauty salons/nail salons/epicure salons/yoga studios/gyms/drugstores/bars/restaurant chains/retail chains/cram schools and other schools/massage/chiropractic/osteoplastic clinics/dentists/Internet cafes/rented offices/gas stations/model rooms/housing showrooms
Non-store services
Includes home cleaning/marriage counseling/shared bikes/e-commerce (mail order)/online services/app services/insurance agencies/event notices Website introducing the services
■What is TRIMA?

TRIMA is a M2E (*) app boasting over 10 million downloads that allows users to save miles (rewards) by simply travelling. There are four million active monthly users, each activating the app an average of 7 times a day, boasting extremely high use and contact frequency. Users can save miles by the distance they travelled and the number of steps they walked, which can then be converted to Amazon gift vouchers, Ponta points, cash, etc. Stores can target users living in the store's commercial zone and distribute ads such as coupons.

Website introducing the services

*M2E: Move to Earn: a framework to get rewards by simply travelling