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Update the map to refresh your car navigation system!

Map-updating software sales

Provide map updating software tailored to each car navigation system

Service Features

We offer map updating softwares that reflect changing road and spot information for the domestic car navigations in commercial-release market.

To enable more people to use car navigation systems updated with new information, we offer a service to car navigation system users that allows them to update their maps at a discount when used in combination with the MapFan service (*). *Some models are not applicable. For details, please refer to each map updating service and each car navigation manufacturer's website.

MapFan online store

This is a map updating portal site for car navigation systems. It handles map updating softwares for Carrozzeria, Kenwood, and ECLIPSE. Since its opening in 2010, the site has been well received by many customers, providing them with the value of new maps.

MapFan online store

Map-updating service by manufacturer(in Japanese alphabetical order)

(JVCKENWOOD Corporation) For JVC Kenwood's Saisoku Navi users, we offer the map-updating service "KENWOOD MapFan Club." Website introducing the services

(DENSO TEN Limited) For DENSO TEN's ECLIPSE car navigation users, we offer the map-updating service "MapFan Tokuchizu for ECLIPSE." Website introducing the services

(PIONEER CORPORATION) For Pioneer's Carrozzeria Cyber Navi and Rakunavi users, we offer the map-updating services "MapFan Smart Members" and "Carrozzeria Chizuwari Plus."
To find out supported models and service detail, please visit each service's website.