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One of the largest map sites in Japan with three million members


A map site that provides not only up-to-date map information throughout Japan, but also information on future towns

"MapFan" is a map search site that has been providing services since 1997. It shows the best route to your destination and strongly supports your excursion by searching the best route by car, bicycle, on foot, as well as by large vehicles. You can also check expressway tolls by vehicle type and ETC fees. By registering as a member, you can also use the bookmark functions for points and routes, create an excursion plan to be more convenience. MapFan Premium, a paid subscription service that allows unlimited use of all functions including real-time information which is useful for driving, is also available.

Service Features:

View and post future information
"Let's make a map of the future together"

The new stores and the information of events scheduled to be held on are available free of charge on the map as future information, and can be intuitively searched from the area.
In addition, you can post and share future information eith everyone, and it will be displayed on the map as a "review- icon".
Let's create a map of the future where you can know the changes in the city every time you look at it, enriching the future information of the whole country with the posts of you know the changes in the city well. Website introducing the services

Multi Language Annotation and Extensive Map Design

MapFan maps are available in 13 languages and 14 types of multilingual map designations. Proper nouns such as facility names on the map are also indicated in the selected language.

Supported languages: English/Chinese (traditional/simplified)/Korean/Thai/Indonesian/German/French/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/Russian/Vietnamese/Japanese

In addition to the standard map design, you can choose "For Printing," a black-and-white display perfect for printing, "Road Emphasis," "Railroad Emphasis," and so on. Entertainment-style displays, such as "RPG game style" and "Vintage map style", are also available.

About MapFan Premium:

Real-time information useful for driving

MapFan Premium members can use functions such as Traffic Jam Information, Parking Lot Availability Information, and Gasoline Price Information, which are useful for driving.

• Traffic jam information: Displays VICS traffic jam information on the map. And allows you to search for routes that take traffic congestion into account. • Parking lot availability information: Icons on the map show at a glance which parking lots in the vicinity are full or empty. • Gasoline price information: Gasoline prices at gas stations are displayed on the map. Website introducing the services

Money-saving map updates

MapFan Premium members can download and update map data at no extra charge, if you have an eligible car navigation system manufactured by JVC KENWOOD or DENSO TEN. Website introducing the services

Map Printing

Some people may feel that it is free to print maps, but in fact, even maps available for free on the Internet are protected by Copyright Act as copyrighted materials.
MapFan Premium members can print and copy maps not only for personal use but also for internal business use (*).

*Limited to internal use within the organization, such as within the company. In addition, it is free to print or copy the maps for personal use, but for business use, users must obtain permission from the copyright holders (Article 30, Copyright Act). Website introducing the services