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Human walking network realizes “Health” and “Family Safety”


Easy and everyday use app to connect with friends and watch over your family just by walking

MINPOKEI have been launched in April 2023, based on the concept of "Everyone's life connected by just walking".

MINPOKEI is a app that share the number of steps by just walking and connects everyone with a graph that visualizes steps.
By sharing the number of steps and connecting with family, friends, and hobbyists on the app, everyone can continue to enjoy walking every day and promote the habit of walking.
Furthermore, with this app, you can rest assured that you can also see the situation of parents and small children who live far away. You can find out from the daily walking and distance traveled that your family is spending "as usual". In the future, the number of single-person households and single-person elderly households is expected to increase, and robbery incidents targeting single-person elderly households are becoming a social problem these days. You can also check your safety.
We will help people of all generations, from seniors to young people, build suitable connections in their daily lives, create an environment where they can watch over each other, and prevent social isolation and crime. We aim to provide services that can contribute.