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Japan-first! NFT with location information

NFT Collection

Markets one-and-only artworks worldwide

GT Building Collection, a never-seen-before NFT artwork with location information.
TORIMARU Collection, with a motif of popular mascot Torimaru from M2E (*) app TRIMA.
Be the owner of the one-and-only artworks!

Japan's first map icon NFT with location information.
As the first step, one-and-only artworks worldwide are on sale, depicting Japanese castles in dots.

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NFT featuring as a motif "Torimaru," the mascot from M2E (*) app "TRIMA."
Torimaru is now available in new attire never seen before in the app, as a piece of NFT art.

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*M2E: Move to Earn: a framework to get rewards by simply travelling