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Address cleansing and Geocoding

Address-checking service

Ununified address notations are corrected and have latitude and longitude assigned

Address-checking is a WebAPI service that can correct ununified address notations. It automatically corrects addresses and performs validity checks when addresses are entered in CRM, SFA, and e-commerce sites. At the same time, latitude and longitude can be attached (geocoded) to the address. As the service can be introduced into the system of the deploying company in WebAPI format, it involves no ad-hoc data handoff, and will be directly accessible from the deploying company's systems and services.

Address cleansing

Incomplete addresses are corrected, as well as their erroneous notations, and address validity is checked by comparing the address list with the address database we have internally organized. As address information will come in under unified rules, CRM/SFA address list can be entered tidily. Address strings entered by users are also instantly checked for their validity.


The service assigns latitude and longitude to the address list. To display location information on a map in systems involving maps, longitude and latitude information must be included. Your address data will have longitude and latitude included.