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Making enriched expressions possible in maps

Map display data

We provide background maps that covers all areas of Japan, to enable expressions optimized for various devices

The map display database achieves expressions optimized for diversifying devices such as car navigation systems, PCs and smartphones. The database covers all areas of Japan as well as background maps for major cities around the world. We also offer flexibility for secondary copyright use such as for printing and photocopying.

Main map display data:

Wide maps

Minimum to medium scale background maps covering all over Japan

City maps

Large scale maps even showing individual buildings and building shapes (building footprints)

Building names

Can be used for displaying in maps and also for searching.

Area of Interest

Area data for displaying in maps/reverse geocoding of facilities/judging entry into the area/behavior analysis.

Railroad networks

All railroad lines can be displayed and used for analysis of transit routes.

Other data that can be used as a package:

The following are databases that are offered as a package with city maps.

Multi Language Annotation

Annotations on the map can be displayed in 13 languages (14 types).

Building height

Contains the number of stories and height of buildings (in meters) linked to building shape polygons. It can be used for simulations in various domains including sceneries/city planning/radio waves/disaster prevention.

Many other data sets also available.