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Realizing smoother route guidance

Guidance data

Provides direction signboards, intersection lane information, various illustrations, and voice guidance data

Guidance data such as direction signboards and intersection lane information which are indispensable for various types of navigation. Provides the best database to enhance the route guidance and to realize the car navigation by using image data that includes expressway entrances, divergences, and complex intersections as well as voice data used for navigation guidance.

Main guidance data:


Contains direction signboards, intersection lane information, and more. Mandatory to use this data with Road network and Toll data together.


Image data that includes Expressway entrances, divergences, and complex intersections nationwide.

General facilities (Car Navigation)
Source: MapFan

Public and commercial facility data including guidance point data (such as parking locations) that is suited to lead to facility entrances.


Audio recordings of general speech data which are used mainly for car navigation guidance such as "Turn right at the next traffic light." as well as location names across Japan.

Phoneme (For speech)

Data with reading and prosodic symbols for speech synthesis (TTS).

Phoneme (For Voice recognition)

It can be used to search for spot search and routes from current position, or input assistance by voice recognition of user’s speech (voice).