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Map API service for Web systems

MapFan API

Rich features enabling the use of quality and high-definition location information data

MapFan API is a development tool for implementing features such as map display/route search/address search using quality and high-definition location information data, to develop Web systems and Web solutions that incorporate map functions and location information.

Main features


(Left) Standard design
(Right) Black and white design for printing
Map design

The best map design for your application is available from a wide variety of map designs.
We can also customize the design to meet your needs. *Map design customization is a paid option.

Displaying Japanese and English together
Multi Language Annotation

Place names and building names can be displayed in 13 languages (14 types) including Japanese. Foreign languages can be displayed together with Japanese. *Multi Language Annotation is a paid option.

Outputting map images

The maps can be printed out as images in any specified size. Pre-acquired routes can also be overlaid on the map, enabling route guidance on printed materials.


Address search/reverse address search

The reverse address search enables to search for an address from a specified latitude and longitude to the block number and house number level.

Spot search

Basic information such as the facility's latitude, longitude, and address can be obtained as well as facility and service information for trucks such as parking availability for large vehicles. *Outputting of facility and service information for trucks is a paid option.

Source: MapFan "Find a house"
Peripheral change search

Information collected in advance on changes up to 3 years ahead can be obtained such as schools, shopping centers and public facilities being planned to be built or demolished. *Peripheral change search is a paid option.

Route search

(Top) Without vehicle height limit
(Bottom) With vehicle height limit
Considerations to traffic rules by vehicle type

Routes avoiding those that cannot be trespassed by certain vehicles can be searched.

(Left) Order with ordinary destination settings
(Right) Efficient order by curcuite route search
Circuite route search

In case there are multiple transit points, efficient routes by switching the order of visiting the destinations can be searched.

Route search with elevation value

Route search results can be obtained with route shape points carrying elevation values. *Route search with elevation values is a paid option.