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Point of Interest data

Point of Interest data for various genres including public facilities, chain stores, shopping centers, train stations and parking.

Point of Interest data for all purposes. Offers a wide variety of information including station entrances and exits, intersections, junctions, expressway facilities and more, organized with our unique strengths. We conduct our own survey to collect information on core facilities across Japan and keep the data always up to date. Train stations, station entrances and exits and general facilities are supported in multi languages.

Main Point of Interest data:

General Facilities (Public)

The data covers public facilities across Japan including schools, town offices, police stations and libraries, as well as hospitals, parks, museums, tourism spots, and hotels. Supports multi languages.

General Facilities (Retail Store)

The data covers chain stores and shopping centers, including restaurant chains, retail stores and convenience stores, and supports multi languages. We also offer "General facilities (marketing)" as spot data to be used for various means such as market area analysis, without any limitations.

Rail Stations, Station Entrances and Exits, Entrances/Exits to Underground Malls
Source: MapFan

Contains location data for train stations, station entrances and entrances to underground shopping centers across Japan. Supports multi languages.

Parking Lots
Source: MapFan

Covers information such as the parking lot location, openning hours, and permitted vehicle types.

List of Facility Changes
Source: MapFan

Contains facility information for up to three years ahead, including openings of new stores and businesses.

MapFan Directory

Telephone directory of corporate data classified by genre added with GeoTechnologies proprietary attributes such as latitude, longitude and names in multi languages.

Many other data sets also available.