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Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

GeoTechnologies, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") stipulates and complies with the "Social Media Policy" regarding communication through our official social media accounts (hereinafter referred to as the "Official Accounts").

1.Definition of the Official Accounts

The Company's disseminations and communications on social media platforms are made through the Official Accounts listed below.

the Official Accounts

GT NFT Collection@ジオテクノロジーズ株式会社
MapFan GeoTechnologies
※Some services may require login to access the linked 2.Official Accounts Management policy (1) When using social media through the Official Accounts, the Company complies with applicable laws and regulations, and sincerely uses while understanding the following characteristics of social media. ・Information disseminated is accessible to a wide range of users; ・Once information is disseminated, it is impossible to completely delete it; and ・The information disseminated and the Company's response to it may have the potential impact on society. (2) If a user makes a comment on the Official Accounts that falls under (or is likely to fall under) any of the following, the Company may carry out appropriate measures, including removing the comments or temporarily or permanently blocking the user's account without notifying. ●Comments that include personal information or information related to privacy; ●Comments that include discrimination based on race, gender, ideology, belief, or promote discrimination; ●Comments that violate public order and morals; ●Comments that infringe a law, ordinance, or other regulations; ●Comments that include lewd expressions; ●Comments that are related to political, electoral or religious activities; ●Comments that defame, slander, or damage the honor or reputation of the Company or third parties; ●Comments that infringe on the copyrights, portrait rights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of the Company or third parties; ●Comments unrelated to the information shared by the Company on the Official Accounts; or ●Other comments considered to be inappropriate for the management of the Official Accounts. 3.Regarding the Information Shared

The information disseminated through social media (including the Official Accounts) by the Company or its employees, does not constitute official announcements or official views of the Company. For official announcements and official views, please refer to our website and press releases.

4. Contact

For any inquiries or opinions regarding the use of the Company's social media platforms, please contact us at the following email address.

Social Media Inquiries: